MYN Says – 13: You Need Electrolites

Back in 2005, I was VP for a TV music production company called Ben Vaughn Productions and my boss was producing an album for a very talented local artist who went by the nickname of Schmedly or just Schmed. I recently found these unmastered tracks from the project, which at the time had the title of “The Electrolites” (yes, spelled that way). I have no idea whatever happened to this album, but I thought I’d share a couple of my favorite tracks from it… Enjoy!

UPDATE: By complete coincidence, I stumbled across a band on Apple Music called SECRET POWERS and I recognized the singer’s voice right away. Looked it up and yup, it’s Ryan “Schmedly” Manes’ band and he re-recorded a bunch of the songs from the Electrolites project across several albums. Doesn’t look like they’ve added any new material since 2014, but at least its good to know that, at least as of a few years ago, Schmed is alive!

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