MYN Says – 13: You Need Electrolites

Back in 2005, I was VP for a TV music production company called Ben Vaughn Productions and my boss was producing an album for a very talented local artist who went by the nickname of Schmedly or just Schmed. I recently found these unmastered tracks from the project, which at the time had the title

GEAR LUST: Camden 500 Preamp from Cranborne Audio

I’ve been looking for a very clean and open sounding mic pre for specific types of VO work, primarily character voice work. A couple months ago, while lurking around one of the pro audio gear forums, I saw an announcement that caught my eye about the Camden 500 from Cranborne Audio. What looks really cool

MYN Says – 12: Bringing Back Shadow Falls Badlands

You asked, I relented. Shadow Falls: Badlands, the 2007 serialized audiobook sequel to my 2006 audio drama Shadow Falls, has been offline for years. Allow me to explain, followed by the first half of the prologue from the original recording. You can listen to every chapter of Shadow Falls: Badlands here:

Shadow Falls: BADLANDS – The Entire Audiobook

You can thank Mark Iannelli for getting my butt in gear to re-post this old podcast/audiobook of mine from 2007. Over the years others have asked and truthfully, I had believed these files were long lost due to my sloppy digital housekeeping. Lately though, Mark’s was the latest in a handful of similar requests so

Classic PCH: Mike Bangs a Friend’s Mom

A classic moment from PCH 426. (Oct. 26, 2007), when Mike tells the story of how a drunken party at the age of 17 led to him doing the dirty with a friend’s hot mom. For some reason, this episode crossed my mind a few days go so I wanted to share this.