MYN Microphones

"These MYN mics sound better than most of the fucking mics I've ever heard in my life."
- Phil Nicolo, Grammy-winning producer/engineer

I love microphones. I'm obsessed with them. Below is just a sample of the mics I build. Every year, I do limited runs of a couple different styles of mics, but I can custom build to order if you want something specific or special. If you're looking for a mic, contact me.


Meet the MYN SECRET WEAPON Microphone. I've been hand-building premium custom mics for a few years and this one may be my favorite. Based upon a vintage Neumann U87, the circuit is a 1:1 clone built from premium components with WIMA and NOS polystyrene capacitors, 1% military-spec resistors, sliver-teflon wiring, a CineMag transformer and a custom-made clone of a u87 capsule designed and built by one of the most successful capsule designers in the world. This mic has been tweaked specifically for voice over and vocalists.

Perfect for vocals, drum overheads, and acoustic instruments, the MYN-12 tube condenser microphone gives you uncompromising performance and very flattering results. This large-diaphragm condenser features 9 polar patterns from omni, cardioid, and figure-8 polar patterns and points in-between. You'll love this mic's sonics, pleasing midrange character, and smooth top end.

AKG’s C12 is one of the best-known tube condenser microphones in history*. Their darker-sounding C12vr re-issue based on a new circuit is $4K and it's no critical darling. Telefunken makes one that is more like the original, and people love it, but it'll set you back $9K. That's why I built this mic. This is a completely faithful reproduction of the original vintage AKG C12 circuit designed by the renowned Dany Bouchard.

The mic features a Cinemag transformer, Mullard tube, vintage EROS and polystyrene caps, Dale resistors, silver teflon wiring and it is topped with a smooth sounding RK-12 capsule. 

I built one of these for a very busy K-pop producer and studio owner in Seoul, South Korea and he loved it so much, he ordered a second one a week later!

Presenting the MYN-251 FET. I love the sound of a vintage 251 and how it's kinda the edgier version of a classic  C12 tube mic.

What I wanted to do is capture some of that bite, but with the mid-scoop and airy highs. Then for good measure, really open up the low end all the way down to 10hz and give those low mids a nice hug. Here, the angled headbasket helps tune the mids while keeping the presence band clear for detailed vocals. The MYN-251 was my first custom mod and these two, dubbed the "White Label/Black Label" matched pair was built especially for producer/artist Blake Morgan.

You can hear the MYN-251 FET on all the vocals on the latest Everything Turned to Color album.

Meet the MYN-8412. This Mic features a clone of a vintage Neumann KM84 circuit adapted for LDC capsules. What's really cool is that this circuit is extremely close to the U87 circuit, but without the corrective EQ section created for 87-style capsules. When you use this circuit with a capsule like the installed RK-12, you get, well... you get a big, big sound. Run that circuit through a Cinemag transformer and you get a warm, buttery tone guaranteed to give you a serious case of the feels. Along with the circuit similarities to a vintage U87, the MYN-8412 also has the same sensitivity, approx (8 mV/Pa). I also modded it so that the low end goes deep. It is built with premium parts: WIMA and Kemet caps, Dale resistors and, the Cinemag 5722, a.k.a., the heart and soul of tone.

I built one for blues artist Son Vo. A few days later, I got this message from him:

That mic is fucking killer. I'm pretty blown away actually. I just finished recording a Christmas song with all the vocals and harmonies - simply fantastic. NO sibilance, handles T's, B', and especially P's like a fucking champ. It's WAAAAY above level of what mics of this level would normally cost. I'm talking thousands of dollars. HIGH, high level dude.

You did a heluva job brother. I'll send you the link for the song in a few days when it's done. I'll be staying in touch."

You can hear the MYN-8412 on lead and backing vocals on his holiday cover of "The Little Drummer Boy."